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Addoku Puzzle

addoku Here is an Addoku puzzle for you to enjoy!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the rules, what you need to do is simply follow ordinary sudoku rules and make sure that you place the numbers from one to nine once in each row, column and 3x3 box.

In addoku you will also notice two other things - first, there are no given numbers, and second that the grid is divided into individual dotted areas, known as cages, which have a number at the top left.

The aim of addoku is to use this information to solve the puzzle and the cells in a cage must sum to the number at the top left of the cage, so two cells that add up to three must be two and one or one and two. There can be no repetition of a number, so six from two cells cannot be three and three, for instance.

Using just the information on the grid you can solve the addoku puzzle with a little practice.

In order to play this puzzle, please print off the addoku puzzle below. If it is too small then you should have a printer option to set the puzzle to print to fill the page, check in your printer settings. If the grid cages are a little small to see then you may consider shading the individual boxes first. If there is sufficient interest we can create some with each region shaded a different colour to add clarity rather than using boxes, so if you enjoy the addoku large print puzzle let us know!

Addoku Puzzle - note this PDF opens in a new window, the solution is on the second page of the puzzle.