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large print codeword The most popular puzzle types in the current day and age are probably the following three puzzle types:
  1. Sudoku
  2. Crosswords
  3. Wordsearch
However, not far behind that are some other puzzles such as kriss kross puzzles and, indeed, the subject of this page - the codeword puzzle.

If you've not come across the puzzle type before, it looks like the image to the right. The puzzle is composed of two sections. These are the grid itself, and the key bar. The key bar is where you store the answer as you go along, the grid is where you write in each letter as you find it.

The aim of the large print codeword, as with any codeword, is as follows: crack the numerical code to fill the grid. The grid contains the numbers from 1 - 26 in the squares, and these represent the alphabet from A - Z. Now, every letter is represented, and exactly one number codes for each letter. Thus the number 1 could represent the letter S in a given puzzle. We know that everytime we see 1 in the grid, we should replace it with S. And we know that every number stands for a different letter, so if there is only one number left to crack we can simply see which letter we haven't yet placed, and that must be it.

A codeword puzzle is a real test of your vocabulary and knowledge of the English language, as you will need to know about letter frequencies, standard vowel / consonant patterns and more - even if you don't realise you are doing this whilst you solve the puzzles.

What a codeword puzzle shouldn't be, is a test of your eyesight. Unfortunately, many puzzles are just that. They are printed very small in some magazines and newspapers so as not to take up too much space on the page, and this can leave you squinting at the grid. They are not always provided with a cross-out bar, which is also very useful, as it lets you cross out the letters as you go along so you can keep track of what you have and haven't placed.

Listening to common feedback that people love codewords but are not so keen on the print size, we've created several large print codeword titles. At the time of writing, we have four volumes in our range. We've listed the links to the first version of each below - so if you enjoy codewords but want your puzzles in large print, do please take a look at these titles:

Large Print Codewords - on (US purchasers)

Large Print Codewords - on (UK purchasers)