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Large Print Number Search

large printnumber search There is little doubt that you will be familiar with the puzzle called the wordsearch. And the number search is exactly the same - in terms of the concept - however the difference is that this novel little puzzle is played with numbers instead of words! And, because you want fun puzzles without having to struggle to read, we make all our number search large print.

Here are how our large print number search work - obviously you might find different rules elsewhere. First, we hide a set of twenty numbers in the grid. These numbers can contain any of the numbers from 0 - 9 and in any order, although as all our numbers are genuine numbers, none start with 0, but they can certainly contain it. We start with numbers from 1,000 upwards: it would be a bit cruel to hide a two-digit number for instance in the grid - that would be very hard indeed for you to find in the grid!

We place our 20 numbers in one of several ways, as follows:
  1. Horizontally: that is from left to right
  2. Vertically: that is from top to bottom
  3. Diagonally: that is sloping from left to right or sloping from right to left
  4. Forwards or backwards: for each of the directions above, the number could be placed in either direction. This means in total there are eight different ways a number can appear.

    Once we have placed the numbers, we fill the grid with random numbers: this is what makes the puzzle hard. However great care is taken to ensure that each number still appears in the grid exactly once, and that is no number is self-contained in another number. For instance, you won't find 1001 and 100127 in the same puzzle: because then if you find 1001 you won't know if you've found the 1001 itself or merely the first four digits of 100127. That is a great source of annoying in number search puzzles, so we make sure it doesn't happen. We also put lines along each row and column of the grid, so that your eye can easily follow the shape of each row / column, without wandering across a soup of letters.

    Have any questions on large print number search or is there another puzzle type you'd like to see? We'd love to hear from you, so please feel free to Contact Us with any thoughts, suggestions or ideas.

    Finally, if you'd like to buy these puzzles, take a look at our Number Search Puzzle Book.