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Themed Word Search

Everybody young or old loves Word Search! wordsearch

One of the most accessible, easiest and fun puzzles for people of all ages, word searches are great puzzles. Whether played purely for fun or educational purposes, their ability to be themed around a particular topic or subject makes them a great puzzle.

If you are learning english or simply looking for a little mental stimulation, these themed word search puzzles will be great. And best of all they are free to download, print and play.

Simply click the name of one of the word search puzzles on the theme you want to play below and the puzzle will load in a new window ready for you to print and play. The solution is on the second page, so no looking until you have solved the puzzle!

  1. Christmas Wordsearch
  2. Sport Wordsearch
  3. Football Wordsearch
  4. Weather Wordsearch
  5. Travel Wordsearch